Banana Personality Test

There is something about children that often tends to disappear as we get some years behind us. I’m talking about the ability or, more specifically, the desire to ask questions. When we are young, we ask questions about everything from why the sky is blue to where we came from. It is how we learn when we are children but we lose something when we stop asking those questions.

Nobody is really sure why adults tend to ask fewer questions than children. Perhaps it has something to do with peer pressure and the possibility that you may look like you don’t know what you are talking about if you ask a question. Regardless of why it is the case, questions are still an important part of the learning process and at times, the answer to even the simplest question can speak volumes. That is the case with this unique test.

This test may be simple but if you answer the question off the top of your head, you would be surprised what it is going to tell you about your personality. It is known as the banana test, and it is going to be one that you don’t forget for a very long time.