Brain Games Challenge: How Many Triangles Are There in the Picture?

When it comes to mathematics, some people are going to excel and other peoples are going to fall short of the mark. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about general mathematics, trigonometry, geometry or even calculus, it is something that we use in our daily lives in some way or another. Admittedly, we may not think about it as we are using it but the fact of the matter is, the entire world uses math for almost everything imaginable.

One type of math that may be of interest to you is geometry. This is the branch of mathematics that is concerned with the properties and relations of lines, points, surfaces, solids and higher dimensional analogs. It is often thought of as being the type of math that uses shapes. One of those primary shapes as a triangle, three lines that interconnect with each other. That is the basis for this rather unusual puzzle.

When you look at the image in this video, you may at first see a single triangle with multiple triangles on the inside. The challenge is, you need to count all of the triangles that exist in the image. Are you able to get it without missing any? Most people miss at least one.