Color Blindness Test

The world around us is truly a wonderful place to be, and that is especially true when we are observing things in nature. Our eyes pick up the information from what we see and it sends signals to our brain, helping us to perceive that information in a way that allows us to interact with it. It truly is a fascinating process and it is one that we certainly should not take for granted.

Although the majority of us have what would be considered normal vision, outside of the fact that we may be nearsighted or farsighted, there are others who are lacking. It is a genetic defect that is known as colorblindness and, although the majority of people can see in color, there are some who have issues depicting certain colors in the spectrum. In rare cases, a person may even be completely colorblind, so that they only see in black and white.

Not only is it amazing to think that some people don’t see in color the same as we do, what is even more amazing is the fact that they may not realize it. To them, everything seems as it should but after taking this test, they may just realize that they are missing something that others are seeing.