Drawing a Hole – Anamorphic Illusion

It doesn’t matter where you look in nature; you’re going to find things that work well with each other in a type of system that is known as symbiosis. At times, it may be the most unlikely pair that come together to form a symbiotic relationship but each of them are going to benefit in some way or another.

A similar phenomenon exists in the human body. It is the way that the eyes work along with the brain to form the perception that we have of the world around us. Even if they are working properly, however, there may be certain issues that exist. They can be seen in the form of optical illusions that, in many cases, make it appear as if something exists when it doesn’t exist at all. Those optical illusions can certainly trick the eye but they also trick the brain, one of the most complex organisms in the universe.

The optical illusion shown in this video makes it appear as if there is a hole in the middle of the paper that disappears down to nothingness. The hole doesn’t exist but your mind perceives that it is there. This video not only shows this optical illusion, it shows you how to create it.