How the Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick Works

There’s nothing like a good mind trick to challenge our brains. At times, it may involve a riddle of some sort and at other times, it could be an optical illusion. In any case, it is something that presents a challenge and most people enjoy trying to unravel the challenge and figure out the mystery that is behind it. That is certainly going to be the case when you see this unique trick involving the infinite chocolate bar.

I’ll be the first one to admit that most people who buy a chocolate bar are buying it for one purpose, to eat it. After all, chocolate is delicious and who wouldn’t enjoy having a good Hershey’s bar sitting in front of them? If you’re up for a mind game, however, you can cut the bar in such a way that you take a square out of it and yet, you still have the same number of squares. How is it possible?

This particular puzzle has stumped people for quite some time and some people really consider it to be impossible. The fact of the matter is, however, there is a logical reason why it works and this video gives you the answer.